Simple Travels: Flying Emirates to the City of Love, Paris

This is my 2nd time to fly via Emirates. Last time was to go to Barcelona, Spain with a stopover in Dubai. This time, we are flying to Paris. Yes! Finally having the chance to visit the City of Love for the first time.

Having watched a show in one of those cooking channels that showcased how foods were prepared for the airlines, I was intrigued to see what Emirates has in store for this flight from Dubai to Charles de Gaulle (approx. 8hrs).

A continental breakfast was served. Loved the croissant which was served hot. Otherwise, the deli platter of beef pastrami and chicken breast was donated to my handy neighbor.


Lunch was a set of sweet corn and vegetable salad, choice of roasted chicken or fish biryani with banana hazelnut cake and a small bar of chocolate. What I loved most was the small box bite in the middle – cream cheese, sweet chili dye, table crackers and olive focaccia toast.



I’m writing this aboard the Emirates flight which provides for Wifi access albeit corresponding carrier charges apply.

Overall impressed with Emirates from the small services of providing hot towels to consistently asking for drink requests (beer, wine, cola, etc are free even for economy class).

Thanks for being patient with me. I know I’ve been a bad blogger and have not been writing dutifully for the past 6 months. Anyhow, tell you more about our Paris adventure soon. 🙂


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Simple Travels: Ohayo Gozaimasu from Tokyo, Japan

Yes, I’m still alive! Yes, this blog is still active. I’m currently in Tokyo Japan for a much needed R&R. Brought my mom along with me to this trip. Its been 3 amazing days in the land of Sakura. So much walking and yet there’s so much food. Can’t stop myself from getting a fill of those yummy Japanese rice, udon, ramen, katsus and more. Will share pictures and itinerary of this trip soon.  

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My Little Drummer Boy

The little boy who’s not so little any more (sigh!) has taken a liking to musical instruments specially with playing the drums and his xylophones. Aside from enrolling him in his regular everyday classes, I’ve supplemented his learning with once a week classes in Kindermusik. This Month’s topic is about Go and Move, moving with the rhythm of various musical instruments as well as expressing their feelings through body movements.

What has your little one been up to? How do you develop their potential talents?

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Off to Hawaii

Leaving this afternoon for Hawaii. Can’t wait to explore the beautiful beaches of Waikiki and get immersed with their Polynesian culture. More posts once we arrive. Heard we have free wifi in our hotel – Waikiki Marriott.

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Simple Eats: Yin Daeng Restaurant in Guangzhou Hotel

Today’s breakfast at Yin Daeng Restaurant in Guangzhou Hotel is a laureat of Dimsum. Check out the food we pigged out on.











Yin Daeng Restaurant
3/F Guangzhou Hotel
Haizhu Square


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Simple Eats: Santouka Hokkaido Ramen

Lovely dinner tonight with Hubby and my Mother-In-Law in Santouka Hokkaido Ramen in Glorietta.

Ordered the Santouka Sets as it was more Sulit than ordering the ala carte. Personally, I thought a set is good for 2 people. However, not knowing this, we ordered 1 set each. A set consist of Rice, Chawan Mushi, salad, pickled vegetables and small sized ramen. Even ordered an extra Pig Cheeks and Boiled Eggs to boot.







I ordered a Tonkatsu set while hubby ordered the Ebi fry set. I must say that the Tonkatsu will give Yabu a run for its money. The sets range from Php450-Php650.

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Warren Turns 2!

Warren turned 2 last Wednesday. Hubby and I decided to just celebrate it at home with a few friends and family. Saving up for another trip to Disneyland with the little one so no big fancy birthday celebration. Plus, we thought that if we’re celebrating when he’s 2, it would be very impractical. Nonetheless, I had to decorate the place a little.

Since Warren is into Minions now with the latest movie and phone app, I decided to make that his party theme. I passed by Dom’s Party Shop along Tomas Morato and found 3 perfect minions to put around our house. Also had a photo wall printed from our shop. Bought a few balloons and put them around the place.


The photo wall was such a huge hit with the kiddo. He kept on posing for the camera standing in front of the photo wall. Even dragged a chair to sit on and posed for the cameras again. Here are a few pictures of him.






Of course no party will be complete without food! So, worked my magic and produced these food. Ordered Royal Mango Salad (Php495) and Chicken Pastel (Php990) from Conti’s. Ordered Fresh Lumpia and Fish Florentine from QCSC. Crab Sotanghon and Shrimps were courtesy of my dad. Also had Chicken Rice from Stevie’s.


Lastly, had a Minion cake (Php900) and cupcakes (Php40 each) made. It was so last minute! Good thing my friend was able to get his sister to agree. It tastes as good as it looks! The non-minion cake was provided by my Guama and aunts.




Happy Birthday Kiddo! Mom and Dad love you! 🙂


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Sweets Anyone?

Do you allow your kids to eat sweets? Doughnuts in particular? The kiddo had his first taste of doughnuts last week and since then, every time we pass by a Krispy Kreme stall / shop, he’d identify and point to it.

What are your thoughts on this?



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Happiness comes in small packages. Lucky to be able to bring the kiddo to school on a regular basis.


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Simple Travels: Korean Food

Today’s lunch was included in our tour. Consisted of traditional and delicious Korean food. The side dishes were of unlimited refills. For our main dishes, it consisted of 2 fish variety and 1 pork dish. The pork dish was so good that we ordered another serving (KRN15,000). The order turned out to be 3 times the size of what we originally had. Finished the food nonetheless. So yummy!







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