Pregnancy Beauty Changes

23 Aug

Since finding out I was pregnant, I have been cautious with the products I’m using – shampoo, soap, facial cleanser, lotion, etc. In one of the articles I’ve read, it mentioned that Sodium Laureth Sulfate or SLS is one of those chemicals to avoid. Unfortunately, most of the beauty products in the Philippines have SLS as this is the chemical that causes the product to foam. Normally, we equate foaming to being clean.


Around the 4th month, my hair became really dry and thin. I was told that was normally the case. I was using a Pantene shampoo back then. A friend referred me to this all natural Lavander shampoo being distributed by DLC Marketing (PHP650+). It did solve the dryness but was rather expensive. After using the shampoo,  switched to using an Aveeno shampoo which I’m still using upto now. I feel my hair is back to its pre-pregnancy form. My sister-in-law who is a chemist said that I shouldn’t be concerned with SLS to much as you wash it off anyway but there’s no harm in being safer.


To prevent stretch marks, I was advised to lather up lotion all over my body. Didn’t work though because I still got stretch marks but they were non-itchy. I’m just hoping that they become less prominent once I give birth.

1. Jericho Body Butter

I finished a whole bottle. Used it for my stomach and inner thighs. It was non-sticky, smells really good, and moisturized the areas I applied it to. This one is highly recommended. Couldn’t remember how much this is though as I bought it last year out of impulse. Good thing I did!

2. Jericho Bath Scrub

About to finish the whole bottle. Using it as my ‘soap’. Instructions were to use it 1x or 2x a week but I’ve been using this every day since I finished up my Body Butter. I’ve not been applying lotion during the day anymore since using this. It lasts me the whole day.Smells really good.You feel very clean afterwards.

3.  Beauty Bar’s Goat’s Milk

Use this at night to prevent itching or when the stretch marks itches. Its soothing, light and moisturizes the spots.

4. Palmer’s Stretch Mark Lotion

Bought a bottle but used it a few times only. I didn’t like the smell. Also didn’t like that it is very sticky.


I have stopped using my Kiehl’s and Clinique facial cleansers since they both contain SLS. Back to the good old water.

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