Long Weekend: St. Lukes, etc – 1

29 Aug

This long weekend has been one hell of a ride. Both hubby and mom-in-law are confined in St. Lukes since Sunday. Hubby is in annex building while my MIL is in th main building. MIL condition is more critical since her platelets last Sunday upon admittance went down from 32k to 12k. Normal platelet levels are at 150k.

August 29:
1030AM: We requested for a referred hematologist, Dra. Baylon, to look at MIL’s records. Since we got last night’s test results early AM that platelet count taken yesterday 8PM was at a low number of 12k, we wanted an expert’s opinion.

1230PM: We were asked to sign a consent for blood transfusion. We agreed and provided St Lukes with the signed form by 130PM. We were informed that Dra. Baylon was not covered by Medicard. We told the RN that that was alright and to proceed with securing her services.

130PM: Went to see mom again and found out that Dra. Baylon hasn’t seen my MIL yet because she wasn’t referred by the attending physician, Dr. Bernardo. Raised he’ll at the nursing station and demanded to talk to Dr, Bernardo who not surprisingly was MIA.

400PM: Came back to the hospital because found out that platelet has dropped to 10k.

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