Long Weekend: St Lukes, etc – 2

29 Aug

August 29:
400PM: Raised back to hospital because MIL platelets went down to 10k and was informed that NO type O+ blood platelets were available in St. Lukes. O+ is the most common form of blood. It is also called a universal donor as it can donate to A, B and O blood types. went to the nursing station to complain as we should have been informed 3hrs ago when they asked us to sign a consent that no blood is available. It could have saved as 3hrs!

Got to talk to Dra. Angeles, assistant of Dra. Baylon. Finally, first decent doctor on the case we spoke to since MIL got admitted. Blood transfusion is a long process. Blood from blood banks need to be retested for 6hrs. On the other hand, Blood donors need to be pre-screened. Once they pass the preliminary screening, 1 bag of blood is drawn and tested for 4hrs. After which, they need to undergo a 4 hour procedure that will draw platelets from them (we needed just the platelets). This will then undergo a 6th testing. The 6-hour testing for the blood from the blood bank or from the donor can be waived but you risk getting infected blood. Risk is minimal since Dr. balloon explained that these bloods were prescreened before release.

Dra. Angeles managed to get 5 units of platelets from Red Cross. Expecting to get them in an hour.

We needed to decide whether to waive testing or not. I couldn’t decide. We had to wait for Achie to arrive coming from the airport.

500PM: We managed to get hold of 4bags of platelet concentrate from the Heart Center. My brother and his girlfriend were kind enough to pick it up. A letter of request was made out by Dra. Angeles to the Heart Center.

Achie arrived from the airport and was updated with the situation.

Achie and Atiu were prescreened for possible blood donation but were disqualified.

600PM: Blood bags from Red cross and Heart Center has arrived. Dra. Baylon managed to use a pre-screened blood and replaced it with the Red cross bags that arrived.

5 other possible donors got disqualified.

Another possible 5bags were available from Quirino hospital.

630PM: Mom got her first transfusion. Praying this will increase her platelets.

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