Long Weekend – St Lukes, etc – 3

29 Aug

August 29:
1030PM: blood extraction was done. Hoping platelets go up.

August 30:
0100AM: Platelets have gone up to 30k. Thank God! Another extraction to be done by 330AM.

4bags of blood from Heart center has been screened and have passed.

0530AM platelets have gone up to 34k. Awaiting doctors advice of whether another blood transfusion is required.

1030AM: as of this time, achie reported that another blood test is scheduled at 2PM. Lets pray her platelet count goes up again.

1100PM: Platelets have gone up to 77k but WBC has gone down a little. Doctors are still not ruling whether its dengue or not.

August 31:

1000AM: Achie insisted to have the dengue test. Apparently, tests done before were not dengue specific. Results came out that it is indeed dengue.

0200PM: Platelets have further increased to 90k.

630PM: Platelet has gone up to 135k. We’re able to breathe now.

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