-Ber Months

01 Sep

Happy that Ghost month is over and its -ber season already. Sales are finally seeing some movement now. Heard my first Christmas song on the radio. So timely and coincidental that Ghost month ended with my hubby, mother-in-law and grandmother all in the hospital. Hubby got discharged yesterday. Hopefully, my mother-in-law gets discharged tomorrow as her platelets have remained steady at 135K now. Likewise, looking to having my grandmother discharged any day now as well.

The experience with St. Lukes Hospital was really an eye-opener to the economics of hospital management. We didn’t know a doctor in St Lukes. We were relying on Medicard and good old hospital care. My hubby met his attending physician when he was about to be discharged already. His physician merely signed his discharge forms and charged his company PHP6K for professional fees.

On the other hand, my mother-in-law saw her attending physician when her platelets were already going up. If it wasn’t for us insisting on a recommended doctor, no doctor would have taken care of her during the critical hours when her platelets were down to 10K!

Was also surprised to see the rooms at St. Lukes. I’ve been touring the rooms available in Cardinal Santos (where I’ll be giving birth) and you can see the stark difference of their standard rooms. I also noticed that there seems to be lacking restrooms for guests or visitors in St. Lukes.

All in all, I was disappointed with St. Lukes Quezon City. Disappointed with the rooms and ambiance. Disappointed with the service and hospital care received. If given a choice again and we do not know a doctor in any hospitals, I would not go back to St. Lukes QC.

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