Sunday Lunch and Dessert

04 Sep

Things are back to normal. My Mother-in-law got discharged last Friday and have been sick-free since then. After having her blood test done at Hi-Precision, we went out for our Sunday lunch ritual. We wanted to try the new restaurant we happened to pass by in Tomas Morato area a few days ago – Artisenal Ramen. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open yet. Hence, we decided to try Sentosa. We have been seeing this restaurant in Thomson’s Square for some time now but have not really tried it. We were surprised to find that it’s filled with customers. We were told that the Hainanese Chicken is really good so we ordered that. Also tried their Wintermelon soup with dried scallops, Kopi Walnut Spareribs, Sentosa Fried Rice and their Raddish cake. We spent approximately PHP1500.00 for all the food. Not bad! 🙂

Pictures of the yummy food below:


Radish Cake
Radish Cake: Not bad for PHP99.00! Big enough for 4 people, at least. 🙂

Hainanese Chicken
Hainanese Chicken: A bit expensive at PHP450.00 compared to Siok’s Hainanese Chicken

Sentosa Fried Rice
Sentosa Fried Rice: Pictures don’t do this justice. Love the chorizo on the rice. 🙂

Kopi Walnut Spareribs
Kopi Walnut Spareribs: Reminiscent of Kopi Tiam’s (along Banawe) Kopi spareribs

After lunch, we went to try out PARADISO, an ice cream and gourmet cafe also along Tomas Morato. I was feeling adventurous so I tried their red beat w/ orange ice cream. Hubby tried their nutty peanut and mom tried their Mango icecream. Both mine and hubby’s were too sweet for us. My MIL finished hers. 🙂

Gourmet Ice Cream
Gourmet Ice Cream selection

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