Another Day of Dealing with SM

08 Sep

I found this kiosk in front of my soon-to-open store in SM Sta Mesa today. Last year, when I was being offered a space by SM Sta Mesa, I politely declined because there was a youghart kiosk in front that’s totally blocking the store front. This year, when i was offered the same space again back in June, the kiosk was gone. I was given a choice between the vacant space on the right or on the left. I asked where a kiosk, if ever, will be located and I was told it will be in store A hence, I chose store B. Today, I saw this.

I’m definitely pissed! We’re opening in a few days and I don’t have a visible store front. From the front, the kiosk is clearly blocking my front view and from the side, the tall signage is blocking 3/4 of my store front. I’ve raised my concerns with the assistant mall manager and leasing manager. Knowing SM, I don’t know when I’ll get my concerns responded to. A formal letter for lease deferment that I’ve written last August 6 has remained unanswered to this day! I thought things will be different for this 3rd store since this is a much older mall than my SM Fairview and SM Bicutan branches. I guess not! Problem isn’t mall specific but rather corporate specific. I hope SM improves their process or they will lose small entrepreneurs like me. I’ve been very optimistic with doing business with them but have been consistently discouraged by what’s happening and how I’ve been treated for all my branches.

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Posted by on September 8, 2011 in My Simple Life


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