Nomama Artisenal Ramen: Modern Japanese

10 Sep

Since this maybe my last night of being able to eat out before giving birth, my mother-in-law treated us to any restaurant we wanted. We passed by this restaurant a week back but it was closed then. We decided to try it out last night and good thing they were open! They were still on soft opening mode since this was only their 2nd day of opening.

I love everything about this place! The interiors were modern and very Japanese-y. Interiors were very minimal – sand washed floors, wooden walls, and open kitchen. I also love the chairs! The one on the bar even has an umbrella holder on the sides. 🙂
Picture 048

Picture 058

Picture 059

The menu presentation was also well thought of and unique.
Picture 036

We tried out almost everything they had on the menu. For starters, we tried their soft shell crab salad. Fantastic! It was perfectly cooked. I love the sauce and the salad, a bit spicy and enough to clean out your palette when mixed with the soft shell crab.
Picture 052

We ordered their Nomama Ramen – noodles, chashu, and soft boiled egg. The soft boiled egg was perfectly cooked and infused with an adobo like sauce (I’m a bit biased since I love eggs!). The chashu was lean (I guess too lean for my MIL). We were told by Chef Kim that these pork were from free-range varieties and he’s been trying to source everything locally, organically and as natural as possible. Hubby and my MIL have been trying to compare it to the ones they had in Japan, not up to par yet. 🙂

Picture 060

We also tried their tofu with mushrooms. I liked how simple yet tasty this dish was.

Picture 054

We also tried their double cooked smoked pork belly. The dish came in a clear cling-wrap and we were told to wait for a minute or two before opening. I thought this was a great idea to get the smokiness infused into the pork and it worked. The skin was crisp. The taste with the apple chutney sauce was perfect. The pork could be a little more tender though.

Picture 055

Picture 056

We also ordered their mixed seafood tempura. The dish had at least 3 shrimps in it aside from the vegetables, mushrooms, fish and other seafood in it. I love how the tempuras were not coated in too much flour.

Picture 061

We capped off the whole meal with their only available dessert – kitkat bar. It’s a 2 layer dessert with a peanut bar at the bottom and a chocolate mousse on top. Perfect ending to a wonderful meal!

Picture 062

Nomama Artisenal Ramen is located along Sct. Tuazon, Tomas Morato. It’s right across Max’s Restaurant and Wheatberry.

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