Gue Lai: Week 1

17 Sep

Spent the whole week in the hospital waiting to get Baby Warren discharged. Week has been filled with getting our routine in place. Except for the occasional visitors, the week is characterized with waiting for the phone to ring – nursery station calling as its time for baby to breastfeed.

The first 2 days were a bit rough. With no milk yet and with baby’s oxygen still attached, I’ve been forcing Warren to learn how to latch. Unfortunately, I think we have a lazy sucker. Feeding him in a cup is a lot easier. A bit worried now though that he might not suck on his bottle nipple when we’re at home.

We got a lactation consultant on the 2nd and 4th day – Ms. Lita Nery. She was very helpful in helping Warren latch and in helping me produce milk. The massages were also very relaxing.

Day 3 was marked with good news! Oxygen has been taken out and Warren is out of the photo lamp.

Day 4 was highlighted with a captured smile from Warren after feeding.

On day 5, we found out that our baby’s stomach has grown quite big. We were surprised when he gulped through 30ml of expressed milk and another 30ml of formula milk in 1 seating. Still getting adjusted on having to express milk on a regular basis. The red spots on my legs are getting worse and I can see some spots in my thighs.

Day 6 – Thank God its Friday. 2 more days and we’ll be out of the hospital. I’ve been taken out of my meds and have started taking Loratadine / Claritin for the red spots or itches. I’m hoping this works!

Today is our last full day here at the hospital! Warren gets his last antibiotics at 5PM. Woke up at 730AM to breastfeed him. As usual, he did not latch as much and just gulped through the expressed milk.

My weight is surprisingly down to 146lbs from a pre-birth weight of 169lbs. I’m hoping it continues.

3 more weeks of Gue Lai. 3 more weeks of going through the Chinese tradition of recuperation after birth.

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  1. chua antonio

    September 17, 2011 at 4:15 AM

    hey,eat some carbon,thats d reason y ur getting allergy,no sugar content in your body!@


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