Day 11: Adobo, Karate Chops and More

21 Sep

It’s day 11! 19 days to go till Gue Lai ends. Really counting the days. Can’t wait to have my doctor’s appointment on the 30th so at least I can get out of the house.

Still stuck at 145lbs. Wasn’t expecting to lose weight today because of the donuts I had yesterday.

Had my first non-soup dish for lunch after a long time. My mom’s adobo recipe. I like my adobo sweet than sour.

These are my baby’s karate chop moves! He does this when he’s taking out his swaddle and blanket or when he is pooping! I guess we’ve been watching too much action movies and TV series during my pregnancy …

He’s so cute when he does these karate chops and his kicks!

Wanted to thank the people who visited us at the hospital also! There’s a whole list of people who went from all sides of the family! Below are pics of what some of the well-wishers brought. Wasn’t able to take pic of all the gifts though. Will just do so when Warren wears or plays with them. 🙂

Flowers from Uncle Vic and Aunt Tess

Balloons and Picture Frame from Uncle Joe and Family

Roses from my Dad!

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