Earning from the Stock Market: The 1 Month Stock Market Project

21 Sep

How fast and how much can you earn from today’s Philippine stock market? Studies have showed that on average and in the long-run, stocks would return a higher margin versus other financial instruments such as the bonds and time deposits. Nonetheless, timing is everything. The time that you go into the market and the time that you cash out is crucial in how much margins you earn.

Back in 2001, fresh out of college, I would diligently put and invest all my salary in the stock market. My salary was very small (as in!) but, on a monthly basis, I’d put everything in the stock market. That did really well for me back then. I’d invest in certain stocks and cash out the following month. I had PLDT shares bought at less than PHP200.00 and cashed out at around PHP400.00. On hind sight, I should have held on to it. 🙂 Anyhow, I did that for 2 years and the returns were pretty good.

Through the years though, I didn’t have ample time to monitor my own stocks so I invested in instruments that still invested in stocks but had fund managers managing it for me. When PruLife introduced their variable insurance products in 2002, I invested in the PruLink Investor Accounts that got invested in Stocks and Bonds. My Growth Fund which I bought in 2005 did incredibly well. Growth funds were invested in 80% stocks and 20% bonds. I recently cashed out to have my funds consolidated. I netted roughly 240% in return. Not bad for a 5 year + period. I must disclose though that I’m a financial consultant for PruLife U.K. and have been so for the past 11 years.

Anyhow, during this Gue-Lai period, I have 3 weeks to closely monitor the stock market. Hence, I’m looking at experimenting and doing what I call the “Stock Market Project.” The objective is simple – invest a certain amount of money on a range of stocks and see how much returns I can gain in a 1 month period. I’m looking at mimicking my 2001 returns. Feel free to suggest stocks to buy but provide your reasons on why you think it is a good buy. I’ll be posting the stocks I’ve bought, as well. 🙂

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