Warren’s Photoshoot – 3

05 Oct

This is my 3rd post for the photoshoot we had with Joyce (

Amongst the family or group shots, this is the picture I really love! Warren’s pose is just so cute! This is actually how he sometimes sleep whether he’s on his crib or when we’re cradling him to sleep.

Tried to have a mommy and son picture during Warren’t photoshoot. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the pictures with me fully shown. I think its the wrong outfit (tight white blouse) and the fact that my Gue Lai hasn’t ended yet (meaning, I haven’t had a bath yet!) so my hair is all oily and messy. Here are some pictures of Warren and me (partially hidden! =) )

The macro shots with Warren holding my fingers are really nice also. Will show them in my next post.

Hubby really had nice pictures with Warren. While I gained 40lbs during my pregnancy, he lost 40lbs and the pictures show it!

Here are pictures that show 3 of us! (Again, I’m partially shown only!)

More family pictures in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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