Happy Friday!

23 Oct

Happy Friday! I spent the better half of the day in line at the Chinese Embassy. I arrived before 8:30AM and there was a long queue outside the Embassy already. I was #57. Good thing though was that they were very efficient. There were 3 counters serving visa issuance and by 10:30AM, they called my number and I was done. Will be back on Tuesday to get back my passport and visa.

After the Chinese Embassy, I rushed off to a client meeting. I’m excited to close and implement the deal. Hopefully, everything goes off smoothly this time. I had lunch with my business partner at Red Kimono. I haven’t been at Red Kimono for a long time. We decided we wanted a quick and filling lunch at the Fort area. I had the Chicken Teriyaki Bento and got a bowl of Miso Soup and Gyoza to share.

After lunch, I quickly rushed to SM Sta. Mesa for a 3PM scheduled meeting. Monday is United Nations Day and we decided to participate by giving out free pictures to the parade participants in costume. We will also be participating in their Halloween and Holidays programs. Here are pictures of our branch in SM Sta. Mesa. We personalize gifts, corporate giveaways and print anything you like. 🙂



Our holiday packages are coming out soon. Been working on them since I finished my Gue Lai.. Will post them once I get the packages and pictures finalized.

Dinner was with hubby’s old friends at Pocco Deli. A good cap to a full day. Great company with great friends. A lot has happened since everyone got together last year – new job, new additions to families, and new life experiences. Check out my other post for a review of Pocco Deli. 🙂

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