Warren Update: I Want My Milk

26 Oct

We have been trying to set a schedule for when Warren gets fed. Right now, in the mornings, its around 3-4oz every 2 hours. Like an alarm clock, he will wake up when he’s asleep every 2 hours. This pattern changes at night where he wakes up every 3-4 hours. This is a chronology of Warren asking for his milk if he is in his crib. 🙂

Step 0: Asleep …

Step 1: Tick tock tick tock … Is it almost 2 hours yet?

Step 2: Where’s my milk? (Sad and cute face!)

Step 3: You sure it’s not yet 2 hours????

Step 4: Waaaaahhhhhh … Where’s my milk????

Step 5: I demand my MILK!

Right after this time, if we don’t feed him yet, the whole house will hear his wailing. (Note: Its wailing not crying!). I have a demanding baby who is a bit impatient. 2 hours on the dot or else ….

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