Simple Life: A China Adventure Part 1

01 Nov

We arrived late the day before so today is considered Day 1. The day started with looking for a place to eat breakfast. We woke up too late to eat Yam Cha (dimsum) so we couldn’t eat at the hotel’s restaurant (we vowed to wake up at 6AM tomorrow to have Yam Cha for breakfast). We found this place on the 2nd floor of Bin Bin Plaza. The restaurant didn’t have customers yet but we tried them anyway. We ordered the Li Wan Supreme Congee, Wanton Noodles, pan fried dumpling, raddish cake and a red bean pan fried dessert.







When the orders arrived, we realized that we ordered a LOT! We finished the Wanton Noodles and the dumpling but left the raddish cake almost untouched. The pan fried dumpling was tasty. The skin was crunchy and the filling was a combination of ground pork and vegetable.

The meal cost was around RMB74.00. Not bad for the quantity of food we ordered!

After a heavy breakfast, we were energized to go around the market and look for things to purchase. During our walks, I realized that I’m not yet a 100% recovered. I experienced post-partum back aches and to think we weren’t walking as fast or as far as before. Before heading back to the hotel, I showed my brother this Catholic church that’s right smack in the middle of the market place.


Heading back to the hotel, we passed by this restaurant (which we frequent to) to have their award winning double layer egg pudding. The pictures do not do justice to how tasty this dish is! Since we didn’t have lunch, I ordered this Pork Stew with Turnip and rice to share. (Total bill is RMB40.00)



We ended the day with a dinner at the 3rd floor Restaurant of Guangzhou Hotel – BBQ Pork, Cha Mien (Stir Fried noodles), Broccoli and a Chicken soup.




Dinner was a bit expensive at around RMB139.00 (around PHP1000.00)

Since my brother was nursing his colds and I was complaining about my back, we decided to get a foot massage (RMB78.00 each) at the hotel. It was the best decision for the day! The massage was a combination of a back and a foot massage. Just by sitting on the chair, they were able to twist, bend and align our backs. I am sort of a massage expert. I used to get a massage once a week at home. I’ve tried reflex massages, shiatsu, thai massage and even have myofascial therapies. Every time I travel, I try to look for a good massage place and treat myself to it. This time, I must say that the foot / back massage of this place is worth going back for. Maybe we’ll try the ginger foot massage next! 🙂


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