Simple Life: A China Adventure Part 3

01 Nov

We slept in today and got out of the room rather late. Was able to briefly see Warren take a bath today via Yahoo Messenger Video Call. We tried out this restaurant beside the hotel. It was nicely constructed with modern interiors. We were ushered to the 3rd floor. They gave us this huge neatly bounded book – their menu. The first few pages were traditional Chinese dishes followed by ‘French’ or ‘American’ dishes such as Spaghetti, Baked spareribs and the like. I was intrigued by their Roasted Goose. Could this be better than the one in HK? Sadly, it was not. The dish was rather small for the price. We ordered a 3-in-1 roasted dish (Roasted Goose, Lechon Macau and BBQ Pork) as well as a Beef with Kailan vegetables. Along with 2 bowls of rice, we paid RMB94.00.





We needed to change our dollars to RMB so we visited the bank afterwards. Turns out they don’t accept dollars with stamped marks. Hence, they did not change half of the money I brought! And since we needed the dollars changed to pay off the stuff we bought, we had a HUGE problem! I was embarrassed to borrow money from Uncle Yap so I was asking my mom to send money via Western Union. Problem is since it is a Saturday, they also do not have CASH to send through Western Union. In the end, I had to call Uncle Yap to borrow money. Very embarrassing!

We visited Beijing Road, site where the old cobbled stones of Guangzhou can be seen. Beijing Road is considered Guangzhou’s night market. It is lined with both named stores and flea markets. A lot of the items being sold now are for cold weather – sweaters, jackets, boots, etc. Hence, I wasn’t able to buy any. I did try our this wedge pump from Staccato. It was around RMB599. A bit pricey so I ended up not buying it.


Since I have been addicted to milk teas in Manila, I tried out a milk tea place here in Beijing road named Tea Monkey. I tried their Almond Milk Tea while Daryl got their Green Tea with whipped cream (similar to Happy Lemon’s Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese). I liked my milky almond drink. 🙂



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