Warren Update: A Different Smile

03 Nov

My heart melts when I see Warren smile. Its my new de-stressor now. Through the days, I’ve noticed that his smile has evolved. Although he hasn’t laughed out loud yet (what to expect states that it is possible for babies on their 2nd month to do so), he now opens his mouth when he smiles unlike before where he shyly smiles without showing his “teeth”.

Pictures taken by Yaya last October 28 catches this. These were taken in the morning when he woke up –
1. Startled look –
2. Preparing to smile
3. A huge smile – picture is blurred but I think this pic deserves a post
4. Another smile – must be a good dream 🙂

That day, he woke up with a huge smile (as shown above) and continued the day smiling. Another smile caught on camera –

Does this suit look too girlish? Looked cute when we bought it but seemed girlish now that I look at it again –

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Posted by on November 3, 2011 in Family, My Simple Life


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