12 by 2012: Update # 2

04 Nov

Good Friday morning! Warren is asleep in the bed right now. Hence, it gives me time to update my blog and take a quick shower afterwards. He should be awake in an hour so just enough time for me to spend an hour with him before heading off to my doctor’s appointment and to the office.

Here’s an update of my 12 by 2012 goals written a few weeks back.

#1 – #3: FITNESS
Got back to the gym last Wednesday and will be heading to the gym again later. I’ll be running a 10KM this Sunday (New Balance Run) and 2 more scheduled for the month of November. This should allow me to lose until I hit 140lbs this November. Still a long way to go (15lbs) after that but I’d like to get over this plateau I’m in right now.


I’ve been compiling pictures of Warren and should start the actual scrapbook process this month. He will turning another month old in a week’s time. 🙂

#5 – #7: BUSINESS
My first batch of stocks from Belly Bandit has arrived. So, I’ll be distributing them to customers who have pre-ordered. Marketing materials have also been printed out and I’ll be bringing them to a few clinics next week. I’m looking to hire at least 1 staff for this venture. Setting up interviews next week.

Another company that I’m setting up is also under way. Should be set-up before the holidays.

As for my Souvenirlab store, I have started visiting the branches again. Haven’t done so since I got pregnant. Getting them ready for the holidays. Initial batch of new items have been delivered yesterday. Looking to complete holiday collection by mid November. Target Completion: November 2011

Almost there! Should be complete by this month. Target Completion: November 2011

#9: BLOG
Will be hitting the 5K hit mark today! 🙂

Took some pics of my current home office situation. Will update once I finalize my design.

#11-#12: TEAM and TRAVEL
Hoping to add another 1 to the team this month. Meeting with a recruit next week. This should make the team grow to 5 people. As for my Holy Land trip, I’m currently on track. Hoping to close out 3 deals this month. I’m targeting to complete this goal by December 16.

Well, that’s it for now. Will try to update once I get back from my business trip next week.

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