Dream Book: Physical

10 Nov

Call me crazy but I listed ‘running the Boston Marathon’ and ‘running the NY Marathon’ as part of my dream list. Researching how to qualify, I chanced upon an article by Leica Carpio and her experience in running the NY and Boston Marathon. She was 40 when she started training and in 2 years managed to run both races. INSPIRED. 🙂

To qualify for the Boston Marathon, I will have to clock in a time of less than 3:35 hours in a recognized run by the Association. The NY Marathon is more stringent with a qualifying time of 3:00 hours.That’s sub-4 hours for approximately 42km! Phew!

I’m back at running since giving birth and hoping to do my first run this Sunday (Unilab run) for 5KM. HSBC run is next at 10KM. Inspired by Leica, I will need to do an hour to 2 hours run every day and try to improve my time. Sub-1 hour for 10KM is the first goal. The goal is to be able to achieve this in 3 months time. Good luck to me! 🙂

How I Qualified for the Boston Marathon

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