Simple Eats: Bistecca

15 Nov

It will be hubby and I’s 2nd year anniversary tomorrow! Wow, how time flies! 🙂

Since I was at the Makati area, I decided to ask him out for dinner at the Rockwell area. We decided on trying out Bistecca. I’ve heard of good reviews of their steak (I know, steak again after last weekend’s meltique beef!). Unfortunately, I did not bring my handy camera. I only had my iPod to take the pictures. However, the pictures don’t do justice to the food. So, pictures below are from other bloggers.

For starters, we tried out their Tropical Mandarin Salad (PHP295.00) – a combination of Mesclun Greens with Mandarin Oranges, roasted pine nuts, dried fruits and Blue Cheese. I especially love the dried fruits (Papaya is the only fruit I can decipher) and the Blue cheese! Finished the whole thing with Hubby.

Taken from JinLovestoEat

We came here specifically for their steaks as I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. So, we ordered The Bistecca 122 (PHP295.00 per 100grams). We figured this is cheaper than ordering the Steaks for One (which start at PHP1500.00 for 350g) and we can just do a take out if we didn’t finish it. But alas, we finished the whole thing! Arghghgh … Cholesterol and weight gain! We had it in medium doneness. It was served with 3 types of salts and 2 choices of oil. We paired the steak with a bottle of Chardonnay Sauvignon (which we finished also!). The whole thing was lovely!

Taken from Tales from the Tummy

We ordered the Truffle Fries (PHP220.00) as a side dish. You can really smell the truffles! This was sinful (fried food!) but balanced off the Sauvignon (hey, we finished the whole bottle! Both of us were a little tipsy after finishing the whole thing!)

Taken from JinLovestoEat

This is definitely a lovely romantic dinner! Can’t wait to find out what Hubby has in store for tomorrow! 🙂

122 Joya, Rockwell
Makati City, Metro Manila

(02) 403-5231

Used pictures from these 2 blog sites that I love –
Jin Loves to Eat

Tales from the Tummy


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