12 by 2012: Update # 3

19 Nov

The next few weeks will be very busy. More so since we are letting go of our yaya today. So, that’s another MUST DO in my list – Find a Nanny (Yaya) for Warren. If you have been reading my blog, you would know the things I listed in my 12 by 2012 project. Darn! Not really sure if I can accomplish any. Here’s an update of where I’m at.

#1 – #3: FITNESS Goals

Basically, I’m nowhere near losing 20 lbs. I’ve hit a plateau. I’m looking at trying JUJU Cleanse. Will let you know once I’ve decided to try it and blog about the results.

I have just accomplished my first run last week. Looking forward to my first 10km next week with HSBC. That will be the last run for the year so I don’t know if I’ll make the sub 1hr 20minutes time I’ve set for myself as Goal # 2. Still have 5 more days to practice but this Yaya thing might derail it. 😦

I have gone back to the gym (been to the gym 2x). Looking to attend one of their classes to get this goal ticked off. The Zumba class every Thursday sounds interesting.

#4: Warren’s 3 month scrapbook

This should be done by next week. Will accomplish! 🙂

#5: Launch a New Business

This is ongoing. I have actually started 2 businesses – the Belly Bandit and UNIFUNKT (with my brother). If you are looking for unique gifts this Christmas season, check out some of our products at Still finalizing the marketing items but should be done by next week

#6: Prepping for Holiday Season

Business has been rather slow as of late. Normally, things start picking up during the -ber months but have noticed that people buying stretch it up to the last minute to shop. Not good for my business where we personalize the items and take an ample time to finish a certain volume. Preparations are almost done. Our holiday packages are already out in the stores.

#7: Help Hubby with his Business Idea

No progress. Hubby’s been busy with work lately so we haven’t had time to discuss it in depth.

#8: Organize our Finances

Should be done before the year ends. 🙂

#9: Blog Hits

I’m currently at 6563 hits. Just 3500 more and I’ll hit target of 10K. Support my blog!

#10: Home Office

I’ve started ‘pinning’ ideas for my home office. Follow me on PINTEREST. Link is on the lower right column section of this blog.

#11 – #12: Financial Consultant Team and Target

The target to get to Holy Land is an APE (annual production equivalent) of PHP3M with at least PHP300k in insurance. I need to produce 20% more to hit target. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Don’t want to fall short with just a few thousand. That would be a bummer.

As for being a unit manager, the requirement is to have 4 active agents and a production of PHP500k. My 4th team member is under training and will take the IC (insurance commission) next week. As for the production, my team still needs to produce PHP300k more.

So, that’s it for my 3rd update! My next will probably be near the Christmas season already after our bazaar schedules.


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