Simple Eats: St. James Bazaar Food

30 Nov

The food court in St. James Bazaar is filled with a variety of cuisines – Filipino, French, Japanese, Chinese, Persian, and more. The usual favorites were there – Hecky’s Lechon, Persian Shawarma, and Vaca de Leche. Notable brands such as Yellow Cab, Army Navy, Brother’s Burger, Serye and Barrio Fiesta have also set-up shop. Desserts include Coolman, Theobroma, Koolshaves and something new – Apple Fries. Food is definitely not the cheapest starting at around PHP100.00 for a decent meal.

We tried the following food –

1. Hecky’s Lechon: The first day we tried it, we couldn’t get our hands off it. The skin was crispy and the meat was tender and tasty. When we tried it the 2nd time though, the skin was not as crispy anymore. (Price: PHP200.00 / 250 grams)

Hecky's Lechon

Hecky’s Lechon came out with a Lechon meal for PHP100.00.

2. Barrio Fiesta’s Laing: Laing is made from Taro Leaves and coconut milk. This was yummy. (Price: PHP110.00)


3. Serye’s BBQ: Serye serves Filipino food. They had the Chicken BBQ, Pork BBQ and Boneless Chicken in chaffing dish so we tried this. It was a quick simple meal. (Price: PHP130.00 w/ Rice)

4. Kool Shaves: Ice shaves mixed with your desired toppings (Price: PH55 – PHP60.00)

We also tried the Vaca de Leche, Army Navy’s Burritos and the Persian Shawarma.

This is what the fanfare looked like –


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