Warren Update: Guakong Visit, Etc.

07 Dec

My dad (Guakong to Warren) visited Warren today. Good thing Warren was just about to finish his meal so he was very much awake. They spoke for a good 30minutes. Warren needed warming up at first. When we transferred him to his rocker, he was already smiling and answering. Here are some pictures of Warren and Guakong.



Managed to take some pictures of Warren again tonight. Found out that he can already hold both hands together when I took out his mittens.

This is mine!

Big Smile

Here’s Warren enjoying his Fisher Price’s Precious Planet mobile. This was taken after a 15-minute crying bout. This was the first time he bowled like this. He just suddenly woke up from his sleep and cried. Couldn’t stop him from crying and this wasn’t your normal snickering, he was really bowling. We didn’t think he was hungry because he just ate an hour ago. We changed his diapers thinking it might be the cause but he still cried. When he wouldn’t stop crying still, we tried feeding him 2oz and lo and behold, he stopped crying. To think he just drank 4oz an hour ago! The pictures would look like nothing happened! He’s back to his cute old self again.




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Posted by on December 7, 2011 in Family, My Simple Life


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