Warren Update: Huge Smile

08 Dec

Today felt like a real working day, my real first day back at work. I had a suit and a dress on. Good thing a dress still fit me. I’m still refusing to buy clothes that fit me now. Still hoping that I’ll be losing the weight soon!

Well, I met up with a corporate client today. Crossing my fingers we’d be able to get them and they’ll try us out. After which, I met up with my Prulife team member at Starbucks. Couldn’t resist ordering the Toffee Nut Loaf again but shared it with her since the piece they gave was HUGE.

Since I left work rather early today, I left the camera with Yaya (our nanny) and she also got some pictures with Warren smiling.


Looks to me his face is getting bigger. Hmmm …

Here’s another shot of him tonight taken by me.


By the way, I just realized that Warren is 88days old today! He’ll be celebrating his 3rd month this Sunday! How time flies! Gosh!

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Posted by on December 8, 2011 in Family


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