12 by 2012: Update # 5

13 Dec

Been seriously working on getting things ticked off from the list. I have 17 days to go! Here’s an update of my list –

1. Get my pre-pregnancy body back (I still have 20pounds to go) – Don’t think this is attainable this year. Sad.
2. Run 10km in less than 1hr and 20 minutes (have to resume running again if I intend to do half a marathon by February) Ran the 10km Unilab race, finished in roughly 1:22 minutes. You know the story! 🙂
3. Attend a planaforma or barre3 class or some form of fitness class – Next week. Promise! I’m procrastinating! Arghhhh …
4. Print and create baby Warren’s 3month scrapbook (he’s one month now) – Same situation as #3. Arghghghg!
5. Launch the new business (market and sell) Unifunkt is up! So far, we have brisk sales in the bazaars. Envirobrand carrying Belly Bandit is also set-up. Looking to add a few more parenthood related products to Belly Bandit. Fingers crossed it gets completed before the year ends.
6. Ensure that my existing stores are able to deliver this Holiday season ( Patience patience. That’s my current mantra. I need to ignore the small stuff and I’ll get through this season.
7. Help hubby with his business idea
8. Organize our finances (currently in disarray now that baby is here) and increase my personal savings plan Finances are in order. Probably do our Family Dream Book once the holiday tide calms down.
9. Reach 10k hits in this blog – We will reach this goal! Just a 1000 more. 🙂
10. Setup my home office (been in my to do list for 2years already)
11. Build my team of financial consultants to 5 (currently at 3) There’s 5 of us in the team already. Next goal is to become a Unit Manager which requires production from my current team members. They still need to sell at least PHP300K more. Go Team!
12. Make that Holy Land trip (incentive as financial consultant)Almost there! Will submit my last case and that should do it. I still need to close 1 small sale to become a Star Club member though.


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