Update: Juju Cleanse Experiment

21 Dec

So, I made it through the day with just the Juju Cleanse! Surprisingly, I did not feel any hunger.

Woke up at around 730AM and followed the instructions. I drank the mint tea and followed it up with Juice # 1 (Green Bomb). It smelled like celery, alright. Since I’m used to eating vegetables and have tried the 7 green juice, this was no biggie. Finished the whole bottle in a few minutes.

I got to my one-on-one training by a little over 10AM and put out the 2nd bottle. This one had a slight kick to it. I think this is due to the ginger. Again, it wasn’t too bad, I gulped it up in a few minutes.

I met up with my brother at Chelsea. Had to control myself from trying out those crab pancakes and freshly baked bread. Got through my 3rd bottle without much fuss.

Lugging around my Juju cleanse bag in heavy rain, I took a cab from Fort all the way back to Makati. A few minutes after, I grabbed my 4th juice and drank it without problems.

My next juice was supposed to be at around 530PM. I thought I’d be able to return home before that time so I didn’t bring my 5th bottle. Unfortunately because of the rain, traffic was horrible and it took the driver more than 2 hours to arrive. By the time he arrived, it was already 630PM. Traveling all the way from Makati to our house took another 1.5 hours. Got stuck in a small street perpendicular to Aurora Blvd because of an accident involving an L300 and a car. By the time I arrived home, it was already 830PM. Surprisingly though, I wasn’t hungry.

Got my 5th Juju Cleanse bottle and again drank it with no problem. I think this is the same as the first one – Green Bomb.

By 10PM, I got the last Juju cleanse bottle. Amongst the 6 bottles, this one I didn’t like. This one definitely had a kick to it. Cayenne pepper? I forced myself to finish the whole bottle.

I’ll weight myself tomorrow and see if there are any effects caused by my Juju Cleanse experiment.

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