Christmas at my Family

26 Dec

It is the first year that we’re not spending Christmas with my Lola (grandmother). Chinese superstition believe that no gifts from the 2nd generation must be given (i.e. no gifts to godchildren, to each other, etc.) Celebrations are kept to as minimum as possible, as well.

Our family spent Christmas in a very solemn manner. My dad was trying to keep a straight face but it’s evident that he misses my grandma on this occasion. Normally, we would invite guests and everyone in the Chua family side would gather at the dinner table. Tonight though, this would NOT be the case. There’s just 5 of us partaking in the Christmas dinner.

Lechon Paksiw
This is a dish cooked by my Uncle (A Pe). Its spicy, tasty and fattening. Loads of white rice required making this dish a diet killer. 🙂

I miss Ama‘s meatballs. This just doesn’t compare it to that.

Pork BBQ
Again, bought from Ape’s store. This is always a winner. Its tasty, juicy and almost your fall out of the stick type.

Fish Fillet
This one is also good – a break from all the meat dishes. The cream is not overpowering and not nakakasuya.

Paired with the bagoong, this is another diet killer. Made from freshly ground peanuts, this Kare Kare dish is a winner.

We also had Embutido which I forgot to take a picture of. Both are good. I liked the Embutido more though.

A gift from my brother – The Family Meal
Gifts were allowed to be given by the 3rd generation.

We will miss you Grandma! I know you’re looking over us. 🙂

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