Simple Travels: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar – Day 1

28 Dec

For our first trip as a family, we traveled to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. Left the house at around 930AM and met up with the whole contingent at the SLEX shell gas station.

We decided to have an early lunch at McDonald’s in San Fernando Pampanga. This is Warren’s first time. He was observing the people around him.



We arrived Las Casas at around 2PM, in time for the check in. We were bedecked in Casa Meycauayan, a house originally made in Pampanga though named after a town in Bulacan. It has 5 spacious rooms – 2 rooms with King sized beds, 1 room with twin sized beds,1 room with queen sized bed, and a room with 2 King sized beds. It came with a living room and a dining room. Since it’s peak season, the house is PHP35,000 (PHP29,500 if lean season). It came with breakfast for 10pax. Additional beds / person with breakfast is Php800.00 only. They don’t have a maximum number of people per room.


This is one of the rooms of Casa Meycauyan. This is where Warren stayed with Yaya and Louie. We just connected the 2 beds. The bathroom had a bath tub and a shower and was VERY spacious.

Las Casas is located in a 400 hectare property of the San Jose Builders company. It features 27 restored houses either donated or purchased from various provinces. Walking along the cobblestone streets provides a feeling of the bygone days. The resort does a great job of reconstructing the houses and providing a picturesque setting reminiscent of the paintings you see done by Amorsolo or by Juan Luna. The Mt. Samat and beach setting also helps. A day tour around the complex is included in the package. We took the 330PM tour but had to go back to the house as it was too windy for Warren. Instead, Warren had a good conservation with Hubby.



We had the nanny go around the area. She came back at around 430PM. Hubby and I then caught up with the tour at this house –

The house is originally by the Luna brothers (Antonio and Juan Luna). It became the headquarters of Filipino-American soldiers who were trying to topple the Japanese army. Former President Marcos was said to have used this house also. Now, it contained various historical artifacts owned by the Alcuzars.

This is Paseo de Escolta. It is a reconstructed shop building with the 2nd and 3rd floor being offered as hotel suites. It had the photography shop, pandesal shop, and a clothes shop at the ground floor.

Here are pictures of the other heritage houses –






Aside from the historical houses, the resort also boast of a batis-like swimming pool and a beach. We had merienda at their Plaza – puto bumbong and bibingka. Unfortunately, I didn’t like either one.

After merienda, we decided to visit their beach. The beach’s sands were grey but fine. The water was clean and bluish. Couldn’t help but take some sunset pictures. At the background is Mt Samat and other mountain ranges. I loved how the clouds are hovering on top of the mountains like a halo.



We had dinner at the Plaza. The dishes were a bit salty but YUMMY! After the merienda snafu, I didn’t think dinner would be this good.


Sinampalukang Manok


Kare Kare

Tortang Talong

Hipon sa Gata

Laing w/ Lechon Kawali

Seafood sa Gata

We were also entertained by the resort’s dancer dancing to old folk songs such as Tinikling, Itik Itik, Pandanggo sa Ilaw and more. Afterwards, we were serenaded by the duo of Kundiman ni Lolo and Lola.

Here’s a picture of Baba refusing to be photographed –

One of the rare non-blurred picture taken by Hubby with me and Warren –

We went back to the house earlier than everyone else as Warren was feeling a bit sleepy already. When we got back to the house though, he woke up and had a nice chat with us.



When everyone came back from the lovely dinner, We decided to play Bingo. The 2nd prize went to Dichie while the grand prize went to Yaya Della.

After settling baby to sleep in his room, Hubby and I were both knocked out and quickly went to sleep.


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2 responses to “Simple Travels: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar – Day 1

  1. ella

    December 8, 2012 at 4:15 AM

    Hi, i think we met before in thailand last feb (mdrt expereince), so show are you doing now?

    • Simple Bundles of Joy

      December 8, 2012 at 9:20 AM

      Oh wow! We did? Great seeing you here in the blog. Are you attending APLIC next year?


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