Simple Travels: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar – Day 2

28 Dec

We woke up at around 8AM. We wanted to have Warren try out the swimming pool which was just a walk around the corner of the house. So, I had Warren put on some Sunblock.
Coppertone baby ad?

Dressed for the beach or the pool

Before swimming though, we decided to have breakfast first. Breakfast was included for 10pax. It was a choice of Daing Na Bangus, Tocino or Longganisa. Louie ordered Pancakes and bacon.

With Diko

We saw a Kalesa (horse drawn carriage) And decided to get a ride to go around the resort (since we didn’t get a chance to complete it yesterday). For PHP50/person, the Kalesa took us around the resort. This is Warren’s first ride at a Kalesa! I guess because of the swaying or rocking motion, he fell asleep.



After the ride, we walked to the swimming pool to have Warren try swimming. It was too cold though so we just had pictures taken –



We went back to the house and decided to just have him swim in the bath tub. I posted his pics HERE.

By 12NN, we checked out and had our group shots taken in front of the house (picture of the group to follow) –

We passed by the Japanese American Friendship tower. It was rather a quick drive back to Manila with a stop over at Pampanga for Razons.

Thanks Che Che Ann for the car seat.


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