Simple Eats: Tivoli in Mandarin Oriental

29 Dec

This is a long overdue post which was supposed to be posted last December 22 when we were treated to a wonderful dinner by Ian and Dichie at Tivoli in Mandarin Oriental. We picked Ian and Dichie from the airport who flew in from Beijing. They also invited my brother and his fiancee for dinner.

Reservations were made early on for 7PM but due to heavy traffic we had it moved to 8PM. Ian was craving for a good slab of steak and SPOT.PH had named Tivoli as one of the best steak places in town.

When we arrived, we were ushered to our private table sandwiched in between glass shelves holding their glasses on one side and wines on the other. We waited for my brother and Tin to arrive from the office (who also got stuck in traffic).

Ian and Hubby ordered their US Certified Angus Prime Rib Eye (PHP2350.00) while Dichie ordered their US Certified Beef Sirloin (PHP2480.00). Thinking that their degustation was more worth it and might be in smaller portions, I ordered their 6 course menu (PHP2980.00) while Tin ordered their 3 course one (PHP1880.00). The degustation is described to be a perfect introduction to the highlights of the ala carte menu made by Chef Remi Vercelli. My brother in turn ordered their US Angus Prime Beef Rossini, potato Sarladaise and Black Truffle Sauce (PHP2000.00).

Pesto Parmigiano
This is complements of the chef. Nice appetizer to start our lovely dinner.

Duck Liver “Ballontine” in gingerbread crust w/ caramelized chestnuts
This is the first of the six dishes in the Degustation menu. Loved the gingerbread crust with the duck liver ‘pate’. Wasn’t so into the cream on top of the chestnuts though.

The second dish is Creamy Parsnip soup. Not being fond of Parsnip, both Tin and I didn’t like it.

Pan Fried Barramundi, herbs crusted kipfler potatoes and clams nage
This is my 3rd dish. This is light and yummy. The barramundi was cooked really well – crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.

US Certified Angus Prime Rib Eye – 250grams
Hubby and Ian both liked their Rib Eye. Dichie had to have her Sirloin recooked as it was still slightly pink.

Lychee Sorbet
Good palette cleanser.

US Angus Prime Beef Rossini, potato Sarladaise and Black Truffle Sauce
This one is lovely! The beef is tender and juicy even when I had mine cooked in medium well. I thought the one on top is Foie Gras but the name in the menu didn’t even mention it. My brother ordered the same thing. Can you see the size difference? I couldn’t. My degustation isn’t a degustation but the same sized serving as the ala carte! Are those truffle shavings on my brother’s dish?


Praline Espuma with Pecan Nut Ice Cream and Roasted Pumpkin
Lovely end to my degustation! 🙂

FREE Petit Fours

Our group picture after a heavy and very satisfying dinner.

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  1. Kierra

    January 1, 2014 at 5:44 AM

    Hajlelulah! I needed this-you’re my savior.


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