12 by 2012: Final Update

30 Dec

My final post for this 12 by 2012 project. There are hits and misses but the project really did get me focus on things I need to do before 2011 ends.

1. Get my pre-pregnancy body back (I still have 20pounds to go) – This is a FAIL. We will be having a weigh-in tomorrow and will be competing against my sister-in-law and her husband (aka Biggest Loser Couple). The winning couple wins a plain ticket to Boracay.
2. Run 10km in less than 1hr and 20 minutes (have to resume running again if I intend to do half a marathon by February)
3. Attend a planaforma or barre3 class or some form of fitness class – Didn’t happen. Just had too much stuff on my plate.
4. Print and create baby Warren’s 3month scrapbook (he’s one month now) – Will be printing this by next week. Had a few pictures sorted out already.
5. Launch the new business (market and sell) – Check out Simple Bundles of Joy multiply site
6. Ensure that my existing stores are able to deliver this Holiday season (
7. Help hubby with his business idea – Moving this to next year’s goal.
8. Organize our finances (currently in disarray now that baby is here) and increase my personal savings plan
9. Reach 10k hits in this blogSUCCESS! Hit the 10K mark a few days than target! Thank you!!!
10. Setup my home office (been in my to do list for 2years already) – Didn’t happen this year.
11. Build my team of financial consultants to 5 (currently at 3)
12. Make that Holy Land trip (incentive as financial consultant)DONE! Even reached Star Club level!

Watch out for my 13 by 2013 Project goals. Make one NOW. It really does help you focus and achieve them. 🙂


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