Warren Update: 4th Month Doc Visit

12 Jan

Warren was prepped and ready to go. Slept on the way to the hospital and woke up when we arrived at Dr. Ann Marie Tan-Ting’s clinic at Cardinal Santos. There were 2 kids ahead of us, one who’s the same age as Warren and who also got her shot for DPT and Rota #2. He was brave and smiling. He’s now 7.5 kg in weight (95th percentile) and 65 cm in length (90th percentile).

Warren with Hubby, awaiting for his turn –

Doc administered the Rota drops today. This is Rota shot # 2 –

Warren rested for a few minutes and got his injections for DPT –

The Doc advised us to push him to roll. At his age, he should be able to roll on his own on his tummy. We were also advised to increase his milk intake to 5oz at night.

Till our next doctor’s visit! 🙂

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  1. Frankie

    December 31, 2013 at 11:15 PM

    Okay I’m cocinvned. Let’s put it to action.


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