My Week in a Glance

22 Jan


Monday was dedicated to Prulife. I attended my first Prulife management meeting which lasted for a good 2-3 hours. Tackled a few issues. Excited to be officially a unit manager come February 1. Proceeded to Makati Shrangri-la for Prulife’s monthly business opportunity presentation. Gosh! The place was swamped with potential recruits! The place Rizal A and B managed to squeeze in more than 350 people. I had 6 potential recruits that night which I ended up bringing to CPK for dinner and just personally explaining the opportunities.


Met up with a prospect at Makati and proceeded to Katipunan to close my 2nd sale for the month. Yahoo! Bali Indonesia, here I come! 🙂 Out of my 6 recruits last night, 3 showed up today plus had 2 more joined in. So, I have a total of 6 (1 more already took the training and just need to take the exam) possible additional recruits come February.Looking forward to growing my team to 20 this year. 🙂


Presented a business plan and closed a few deals in the morning.Had a gift to my mom exchanged for 2 pairs of Melissa shoes (I’m reaching my annual quota fast! I promised I’d only get 12 pairs of shoes this year and it’s just January and I already bought 5 pairs! Ayayayay!) These are my first pairs of Melissa shoes and it’s so comfortable. Love their Vivienne Westwood line. Totally chic!
Got 2 Melissa shoes today - this and a vivienne Westwood flats!

I also loved these pairs but had to stop myself from over buying.
Vivienne Westwood for Melissa - love it!

Proceeded to another Prulife prospect in the afternoon. Spent the better half of the day at the office doing some administrative works.


Spent the day in the office with lunch spent at Crazy Katsu. Did a 5KM run in the evening at Fort.


Spent the day in the office with lunch at Ulo Ulo sa Vet. Finally had my hair done – cut and colored. My last salon visit was probably more than a year ago since I couldn’t have my hair colored when I was pregnant! Felt so refreshed! Thanks Rodel of James Cooper. Love my hair! 🙂

New haircut and color! Finally, after more than a year!

Was hoping to catch up on Warren when we arrived home early but he also went to bed early. We had a nice massage at Nuat Thai which is just around the corner. Things you get to cherish in the Philippines at a fraction of the cost. (DOT should do a promotion of this – Relaxing: More Fun in the Philippines)


Spent the morning with Warren and lunch with friends at Chocolate Kiss in T. Morato. Had my nails done while hubby played basketball. Was thinking of watching Underworld but went around MOA instead. As a result, we managed to see Katy Perry in person during her meet and greet at MOA. Isn’t she a beauty? Appreciating my Canon S95 more! These are zoomed shots from a few meters away!



Spent the evening in the company of friends over a seafood “buffet” at Dampa.


Participated in the 5KM Timex run. I mistook the 4KM mark of the 16KM run as our 4KM mark and ended up 2 minutes slower than my target of 35minutes. 😦 Will post official results when it comes out but my clock clocked my run at 37:10. At least its faster than my last week’s run.

Yaya had her day-off today so we’re taking care of Warren now.


Since it’s Chinese Christmas or Chinese New Year, there’s going to be loads of food again here at home.

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