Simple Eats: Ulo Ulo sa Vet

22 Jan

I chanced upon this house-converted restaurant while we were looking for a restaurant to eat in Teacher’s Village yesterday. Been dreaming about eating Ulo Ulo last night so we decided to try it out today.

We initially missed the restaurant and had a hard time looking for it. Instead of looking for Ulo Ulo sa Vet, you should also look for Bee Vees and Steak of the Nation signage. Same restaurant, same company.

My hubby used to tease me if I’d eat at a turo-turo place. I’d always argue that as long as the food is good and the place is clean, I’m willing to give it a try. Ulo sa Ulo sa Vet Isn’t for the neat freaks but the place is clean and with the nets outside, they are at least able to keep out the Mosquitos or flies.

Ulo Ulo

Ulo Ulo sa Vet


Salmon Ulo Ulo (Fish Head) (PHP140.00)
Today’s ulo-ulo is Salmon. This was really good! Finished my plate of rice and this ulo-ulo in a flash! The soup didn’t taste like miso nor did it taste like sinigang (tamarind soup). It had a taste on its own which I can’t seem to pinpoint what. Take my word for it, this is really good! Can’t wait but to try the ulo-ulo alley in Mindanao avenue.
Salmon Head
Salmon Head

Cooked The Bicolano way.

Itlog ng Isda (Fish Eggs)
Fish Eggs

This is made of Gabi (Taro) leaves and coconut. A typical Bicolano dish, this one Is slightly spicy.

Total bill for 3 Ulo Ulo, 4 coke and the above dishes is php745.00.


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2 responses to “Simple Eats: Ulo Ulo sa Vet

  1. Marco P. Matias

    March 26, 2013 at 8:37 PM

    Good Food, Affordable Price.I’m sure about that…..


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