Warren Update: Warren at 5months

07 Feb

Warren’s almost turning 5 months in the next few days. Wow! How time flies. In the past month, he’s been able to do a lot more stuff like being able to turn on his own on his tummy, rolling on both sides, playing in his bath tub and holding his bottle. On the flip side, he cries now if he doesn’t recognize the person and cries aloud when he’s awaken from his sleep.

LastSunday, Yaya took her usual church schedule (6AM-9AM) and so we had to take care of Warren During that time. Here’s my two boys –


I guess Warren was a bit excited as hubby told him the night before that we’ll be taking him to a new place. He was awake at 5AM slept a little and woke up at 7AM again. Playing with Hubby –




Breakfast was at 8AM and we found out that he can already hold his bottle –



So off we went to our little adventure, Greenhills. We strolled around before making our breakfast stop at McDonalds. Warren was quiet taking in his new surroundings.





We told Warren we’ll try to bring him to more places every Sunday with this week as an exception (since we’ll be in Thailand). He smiled.

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