Simple Eats: Chef’s Table by Bruce Lim

17 Feb

Hubby bought a Deal Grocer coupon for Chef’s Table. Chef’s Table is the restaurant of celebrity chef Bruce Lim. The coupon was for a 4-course dinner. The set was called Lust and was meant to be our Valentine’s dinner (we spent Valentine’s watching The Vow with me crying in some parts of the movie.)

We initially had a hard time looking for the restaurant as the address was written as 26th street. When we called, we were directed to the street in between 10th avenue and 25th street. We were greeted by their very kind and accommodating staff and was seated promptly. The decor is simple. The open kitchen was nice to look at.

Hubby wanted to order extra so we were given their menu. The menu was interesting. The cocktails were even more intriguing.


We were started off with Love Potion # 9 cocktail and a wonderful Ginataang Seafood soup with local capiz shellfish simmered in a lemongrass coconut seafood broth.




Hubby ordered their Laing Pasta. Thought Gayuma (now defunct restaurant) served better Laing pasta.

The 5-course dinner was then followed with a their Gayuma platter – Beer Sherbet, Balut Teriyaki and fresh Oysters shucked and marinated in vinegar. Interesting take on the Balut.

For entrees, we each ordered the 2 options – Chili Prawns and spiced pork ribs.


We ended with a classic: creamy, melt-in-your-mouth Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta.

Hubby ordered an extra dessert – Biko on a bed of calamansi syrup.

Each coupon was for PHP875.00 and was originally valued at PHP1400.00.

Chef’s Table by Bruce Lim
26th Street, Taguig City


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