My Week in Retrospect

19 Feb

Happy Weekend everyone!

How did you spend the whole week? I feel that time really flies so fast and we’re about to end the 2nd month of the year already. I’ve dedicated my Starbucks planner to simply writing down my goals for the week and looking back at my goals for the year. So far, I feel that it’s working. I spend a few minutes of my day reviewing what I’ve done for the day and what I’m targeting to do tomorrow. It’s a work in progress as I learn how to write goals better succeeding week and learn how to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

This week was such a whirl.

We arrived Monday morning from Bangkok. Definitely not recommended to fly in the early hours of the day as it felt we didn’t get any sleep at all. Decades ago, doing a sleepless night would be such a cinch. Finishing up on an ES project was nothing even if we didn’t have to sleep for 2 days. Nowadays, I feel my body breaking down and really needed that sleep. Anyhow, I proceeded to the office after taking a short nap and met up with a client that day.

Since I’m leaving for China again on Monday through Thursday to attend the biggest fair or conference for the large format / sign industry, we had to get our visas this week. We lined up last Tuesday and managed to get our visa Friday since I missed picking it up Thursday. We will be attending the DPES, Sign Asia and Led Asia in Guangzhou China. All 3 conferences will be held successively or in parallel. The DPES started yesterday and we will be attending the tail end of the conference on Monday and Tuesday. We will then visit the 2 other conferences which start on the 20th.

Anyhow, I attended our 2nd Step-up Program last Tuesday and Wednesday. My commitment was to be able to recruit 5 more members for my unit before our next class.

Valentine’s was spent watching The Vow and post Valentine was at Chef’s Table (which I posted about already).

I did manage to recruit 1 more member for my unit last Thursday and completed a client interview on Friday.

Warren had his 5th month check-up yesterday and ended the day on a high with my Guama‘s birthday celebration at Quezon City Sports Club.

Over-all, this week was productive –

  • Read 1 book: Dynamic Agency Management by the Kinder Brothers
  • Completed the arrangement for our next week’s trip in Guangzhou
  • Closed out a few cases for Prulife and met up with a few prospects to be closed out when I come back from the trip (I’m going to Bali, Indonesia!)
  • Attended the 2nd Step-up Program (and won best interview presentation, hahahah)
  • Assisted Hubby in closing out his first Prulife sale!
  • Had Warren’s 5th month check-up

The only thing I didn’t get to do this week which I’ve written down? Start my Cohen diet. Anyhow, next week will be another GREAT week of accomplishing my goals. 🙂

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