3rd Month of the Year: 13 by 2013 update

01 Mar

OMG! Its already March! Warren is turning 6 months old in exactly 10 days! I know it’s such a cliche but time really flies by quickly. Just wanted to give you a quick update of what I’ve accomplished in the past 2 months relative to the goals I’ve set out for myself at the start of the year.

  1. Weigh 120lbs: Current weight is still stuck at 144.6lbs. Our weigh-in is coming soon in March 15. Need to step it up. No meat for lent and to help me lose weight in 15days.
  2. Make it to the FREE Mediterranean Cruise: So far, so good. My Prulife current APE is at PHP1M so I’m 1/3 there. Since I’d like both hubby and I to be on the trip, hubby has to produce as well. Crossing our fingers we close something we’re cooking up soon.
  3. Participate in 12 runs: Running my 3rd run this Sunday. That will be my 1st 10KM run for the year.
  4. Run a 21km in less than 3 hours: Getting there. Let’s see how I do with my 1st 10KM run for the year.
  5. Bake 12 different cakes: Still waiting for hubby’s Christmas gift – Kitchen Aid Mixer.
  6. Read at least 24 books: Finished 5 books already. Simultaneously reading 3 books now.
  7. Read 100,000 blog hits: I’m still far off! I’m just sub 16,000. Help guys!!!! Support the blog and promote to your friends.
  8. Save MORE!: Getting there! 🙂 Just paid my Prulife savings plan. Forced savings!
  9. Throw an AMAZING birthday party for Warren: Venue reserved. Will be working on the theme and decor next.
  10. Attend a photography class: Finding time for this.I’m hoping to get this done by this summer.
  11. Attend a cooking class: Finding time for this. Also hoping to get this done by summer. Was thinking of attending another baking class at Cafe Isabel?
  12. See a wonder of the world: Hopefully this April or May. 🙂
  13. Be a unit manager w/ PHP12.5M Production: Up-ed the ante a bit from PHP8M. I needed PHP12.5M production to get the FREE Mediterranean cruise as a unit manager. I become a Unit Manager last Feb. 1. 1 down! 🙂 The goal is to have at least PHP1.150M production per month. For my first month as UM, we hit a production of PHP1.210M. I now have 8 team members. Hoping to increase by 4pax per month. I have a GREAT team! Go team go! 🙂
  14. Warren’s Scrapbook: Finished this last January. Waiting for the book to arrive from the US.
  15. Lose 20 lbs: Uhhmmm … will get there! hahahah …
  16. Attend a fitness class: This is getting curtailed way too long! My bag’s packed but I just have a reason one after the other. Arghghghg …. Finally got to go to Bikram Yoga yesterday (030112)! I couldn’t bend as much. Couldn’t reach for my toes but I made it! I was there. I was in class for 1.5 hours! I finished it. I got a 20 class card which is good for 4 months. I’m hell bent on using it!
  17. Help hubby with his business idea: Waiting for the business idea.
  18. Set-up a home office: Yes, I’ll get this done soonest. 🙂

So, that’s my update for now! Have you guys written down your goals for the year?

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