Day 8 of Yaya-cation: 1 week Down

03 May

I can’t believe it! It’s more than 1 week over since Yaya went on a vacation. This hour between the time where Warren partially wakes up at 5AM and falls back to sleep before waking up later at around 6ish or so has become my ME time. Taking care of Warren at night has been rather easy since he sleeps at around 10PM and wakes up at 5 or so AM. During the day when H and I has to go to work, Warren is taken care of by H’s long-time help hand, Josie. We couldn’t have done this without her.

Since Yaya went on her vacation, here are a few Warren milestones –

  • Warren can now sit straight up. He can successfully balance himself for a few more minutes although he still falls straight down as if he’s testing the waters.
  • He can now stand more decisively by holding onto something though he barely holds on since every time we stand him up, he always wants to move his feet aka dance.
  • He eats more solids now, one for breakfast (cerelac),lunch (cooked by guama) and another for mid-afternoon snack /li>
  • After his 8PM meal, Warren doesn’t consume anything anymore. Being able to feed him after is such a miracle already
  • He still couldn’t clap his hands when told to so nor do an align with his fingers. What are your baby milestones at 7.5 months?



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