How much do you spend on Food?

10 May

I have been recently hooked on a blog entitled Get Rich Slowly. It’s a blog that talks about anything related to financial planning. I encourage you to check it out!

One of the sections on the blog is an Ask the Reader question. One thing that struck me the most is the question on “How Much Do you Spend on Food?” H and I have been dining out frequently and this has been slightly reduced when we got married and eventually had Warren but this is still a significant part of our budget.

Before we got married, budget wasn’t an issue for me. I was earning well and didn’t spend so much except on my personal luxuries. I was living under my parent’s roof and there was no rent, electricity, water, cable, etc to worry about.

When we got married, although we still do not have to take care of rent (as we’re living with my Mom-in-law), there were the other things that needed to be budgeted – Electricity, Water, Cable, Telephone, Gas, salaries, and car mortgage, among others.

We have not included eating out as part of our joint budget. It has always been a my treat or your treat thing. Though most of the time, H is the one who treats. We schedule a 1x a week night out either for movie or eating out and we go out every Sunday with Warren and my mom-in-law if she’s in town. Likewise, we do a 1x a night family out also. On a weekly basis, we probably spend around PHP3,000.00 so that’s around PHP12K per month. I know this is a LOT and we’d definitely have to cut this down a bit so that we can save more. How much do you spend on Food or when you’re eating out?

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