Day 16 of Yaya-cation: Warren turns 8th months Today!

12 May

Warren is officially 8 months old today! Since I’m going to Thailand this weekend (more on that in the next post), we’ll be bringing him to the doctor for his 8th month check-up next Wednesday. I think he looks quite different now. I’m intentionally using everyday photos and not the ones shot professionally.

Warren at 15 days

Warren at 1month and 12 days

Warren at 3 months

Warren at 6 months

Food Log: Eats 4x / day of 7oz of NAN HA Two and 1.5 oz of GAIN
Solid Foods: Squash puree, broccoli puree, and carrot puree. Tasted Miswa, Leche Flan and Lugaw
Weight: 9.1 kg (Waaahhh!!! No growth in weight .. 😦 )
Height: 77 cm (Warren grew by 4cm)
Vaccine: He was given a flu shot since the measles shot is out of stock.

Physical: 2 front teeth
Development: Can sit straight; Can stand with something to hold on to; Can lift his upper body by 90 degrees; Can say more than a few words – Mama, Dada, Ama, Ate, Aku, Balloon, cake and Baba; Can blow (will test this out today for his birthday cake);
Behavioral: Reaches out to be carried; refuses to eat if he doesn’t like the food


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