About my iPhone 4s

17 May

I got my iPhone courtesy of my dad. I wouldn’t have switched if it wasn’t a gift. Ive always thought that purchasing a phone that’s more than php30k is way too expensive. When I had my previous Nokia die on me as it swam with me during ondoy, I opted to purchase a lower version of my phone since it was php5000 cheaper. There were disadvantages like it hanging frequently but it was a good call and text phone. Anyhow, since I got my iPhone, I’ve been able to do a lot more with my mobile phone.
1.) Check multiple mails and respond to them ASAP
2.) Take photos and upload to social networking sites immediately. Hello, instagram and twitter.

Here are some photos I took in Thailand using my iPhone and edited using Instagram –

The principal Buddha in Wat Po:


Enjoying a cup of coffee at Black Canyon:


Crispy pork leg at Kuppa:


Taking the BTS was a breeze and the fastest mode of transport in Bangkok;


A self-photo:


What else have you been able to do using your iPhone?

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