Simple Eats: Food Indulgence in Marriott Cafe

22 May

As promised, I’m posting more scrumptious pictures of what to expect at Marriott Cafe. We were initially drawn in by an article H read in the Inquirer about the writer’s experience with Marriott Cafe. Armed with our Marriott card and voucher, we went last Sunday along with my MIL to try it out.

We decided to try it out on a Sunday. The regular price is at a PHP2000 nett and this is inclusive of the drinks being served in the buffet. The Cru Steakhouse is also opened and you get to try their steaks and foie gras.

The Bread corner

The Seafood corner



Freshly shucked oysters … Super yummy! Had at least 8 pieces of this with cocktail sauce

The Carnivore corner
After the seafood corner, expect to see their Roast Turkey, Rib Eye and Leg of Lamb in the carving station. I sampled the leg of lamb and the rib eye. The rib eye was good but the lamb was a bit tough.




The Salad Corner
I thought this area was rather misplaced. After going through the carving area, the soup station and just across the Chinese food station is a well laid-out salad bar or area. I wasn’t feeling eating healthy that day so I didn’t try any of the salads. They looked good though.


There was also a Filipino food station with this Lechon being the highlight of that area –

As usual, they have a Chinese and a Japanese counter. I didn’t get to taste either but H said the Japanese sushis and sashimis were good.

They also have a fresh pasta station where pasta is rolled out and cooked. I found this interesting and had a plate of tortellini, gnocchi and ravioli.

If you’ve been reading my blog long, you’ll know that I have a fondness for foie gras. Courtesy of the Cru Steakhouse which they include on Sunday brunch or lunch, foie gras is included –

In addition to the foie gras, you’ll also get steaks and ribs from the Cru Steakhouse section.

I initially didn’t notice that drinks were included not until we overheard one of the servers informing the table beside us. I sampled the guava iced tea and the blueberry shake. The guava was a bit sweet for me but the blueberry shake was surprisingly refreshing.

Oh! They also have a cocktail bar though rather crudely placed on a buffet table with a barista serving. I sampled the Bloody Mary but didn’t like it.

The Chocolate Room
I can’t deny it. We were really intrigued with their Chocolate Room. The article in Inquirer emphasized this and a dessert addict as I am, I really had to try this. True enough, there was a room dedicated to their desserts. A wall with pots of truffles. A table of chocolate crisps. A macaroon tree. And loads and loads of desserts with some bits of chocolate to choose from.










My only comment? Instead of a tarpaulin banner at the background, they should have put a nicer looking wall decor. Makes it more elegant and put together. Why not let us design the background for you, Marriott?

And before I forget, their ice creams and gelatos are also included.

I thought the food selection and quality were really good. The seafoods were really fresh. The carving selection with the Cru steakhouse selection should satisfy any meat lover cravings. The dessert selection is fantastic with the chocolate room and the ice cream selections.

The food arrangement and flow could use a lot of improvement though. I would also prefer to have more cheese variation (but that’s me since I love cheeses).

I would definitely be coming back for more. Expect to see us use more of the vouchers and the Marriott card we purchased. Do I consider this the best buffet in town? For now, its a BIG resounding YES! 🙂



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