06 Jun

I know! I’ve been remissed in blogging. Its been 1 hectic week after week so far. Plus the fact that Warren got sick for the first time yesterday. He hit a high of 38.5. He was so sleepy all the time. He was so matamlay. I got news from my nanny at around 430PM yesterday and quickly rushed back home. The 1.2mL of Calpol seems to be doing the trick though I can still feel his slight fever. Our thermometer is pissing me off as its reading seems to be inaccurate. We have 3 and all doesn’t seem to be taking accurate readings. Arghghgh …. Anyhow, he’s at an average of 37.5 + or – 0.2. We’re taking him to his pedia today to get him checked out just to be sure. No bath time today.

Just to keep you updated with what’s happening with me. We’ve decided to forego the incentive trip to Bali. We decided to just have it encashed because its too near our already booked Beijing trip. Bali was slated for June 19 – 22 and Beijing is for June 23 – July 1. I’ve tried asking PAL to have it rebooked but it will end up costing me more. Might as well just buy a new ticket which I’m not willing to spend extra. So, encashment it is. We get 70% of the airfare and lodging. Not too bad but food and the tours are not encashable.Bummer!

This month of June, I’m going after a few targets –

1. Get to the FREE Mediterranean Cruise – I’m just a few thousand shy of the target but I still need to produce 6 more case count. I’m worried about the case count. If I make it to this trip this month, I get an extra USD$500 pocket money.

2. Group Target and 6 active agents – I’m proud to say that the team is now at 13 people. By the end of the June, we will be adding 4 – 5 more to the team. The company has given us managers our individual targets. I’m determined to reach it. Hopefully, we reach the target before my Beijing trip. Go Team Go!

3. Launch our New Product Lines – I’m adding 2 more product lines to our Simple Bundle of Joy baby and mommy products – Ah Goo Plush Pads and Diaper Bags. We’ll show the marketing material once they’re done. In addition, the multiply site should be up soon. Been holding this off for some other priorities for some time but I’d really need to do this this month.

4. Have a Successful Graphics Expo – My 2 other companies – ILC and Servotech are participating in the Graphic Expo at SMX Trade Center on June 14 – 16. This is the premier conference for our industry line. I’m hoping that its successful and we’re able to sell a LOT! We’re putting a lot of the products on exhibition SALE. 🙂

5. Lose weight – I’ve been attending yoga class on a regular basis (1x or 2x a week) but I think its not enough. I’m hoping to attend at least 13x this month to consume my class cards and to see if this work-out really works or not.

What are your this month’s goals and to-do list?


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