Simple Eats: Beijing’s My Humble House

02 Jul

Having just walked around Beijing’s tourist spots, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Waifujing Da Jie, Hubby and I were both definitely hungry arriving at My Humble House. This restaurant is located in the middle of the metropolis’ office buildings and is situated right across The Grand Hyatt. Dichie got us a reservation and we were seated just right in front of the bar.

Being hungry, we went right ahead and sifted through an album of menu. Yes, it’s 1 whole thick album! We ordered their Hot and Sour soup to start our dinner.

For appetizers, we had their cereal and wasabi prawns which came highly recommended by Dichie. This was definitely a tasty unique but small portioned meal.

We had a few items to share since we wanted to try a variety of their dishes.
Cod Fillet on Egg Whites

Chicken poached on Wine Sauce
This was the winner dish amongst all that we ordered. Tucked into this salt dome, the server carefully pounded the mound with a small wooden mallet. You can smell the chicken’s flavor upon clearing out the salt and opening the pouch it was encased in.

Pork Belly
Sinful! Hubby definitely enjoyed this as he cleared this dish all to himself minus the 2 portions I had.

Fried French Beans

To cap off the dinner, we each ordered a dessert each – Lava Chocolate Cake (Valrhona) and Almond with Coconut and glutinous ball.

The restaurant definitely embraces the use of global ingredients to create new Chinese cuisine. The dishes were all artistically presented (Here’s hoping that my pictures did justice to the presentation). Definitely a unique dining experience that blends Chinese flavours with international influences. This is a must-try restaurant! They’re also located in Singapore, Japan and India.

Address :
Oriental Plaza Podium
Level W3 (Office Towers)
Unit 01-07 No. 1
East Chang An Avenue

Tel : +86 – 10 – 8518 8811


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