Crazy Week + Failed Family Activity + In the Hospital

25 Jul

I haven’t been writing for the past 8 days. Things have been CRAAZZZYYY! First, it was because there were tons of work. For the past week, I was visiting potential clients to do a demo of our corporate display solutions, closing a few savings plans and investments for Prulife and helping out some of my agents close their sales. Then, last weekend, we were booked at the SOFITEL for some family bonding time with Warren. That didn’t happen! Instead, we had to bring Warren to the hospital.

At home

Our nanny called us up last Friday to inform us that Warren had a slight fever of 38.1. I had to rush home from a meeting. H had already brought the manghihilot (masseuse) and had him checked. Apparently, he has sprains in his shoulder, back and arms. His fever went down that day. On Saturday, he was actually fine in the morning but in the afternoon, his fever started getting worse. Despite incesant sponge baths and paracetamols, it just kept coming back. Sunday morning was the same scenario. When we had his blood work done in the afternoon, we found out that he has very high white blood cells. High white blood cells = infection. My cousin who’s Warren’s pedia suggested we just have him admitted.

The initial blood test and urinalysis

The residents had to put an IV on him and had to draw blood for a blood culture. A generic anti-biotic – Kefox Cefuxamine – had to be administered using the IV since the actual bacteria is not yet known. Unfortunately, it was rather hard to find a vein in Warren’s pudgy hands and feet. The residents had to try it 3x and the 4th time was the charm. I was also crying with Warren as he was wailing the whole time the residents were trying to attach the IV into his feet then his arm then back to his feet. Seeing him cry was actually much more painful than giving birth to him. Honestly, you’d really wish it was just you getting sick rather than your child. We were hoping that this experience will not traumatize him. Up until yesterday, if he didn’t know the person, he would just cry. I think he was thinking they would attach another needle into him.

After the IV attachment procedure

Trying to put in a smile

Teaching him how the sponge bath is done

Hoping we get released soon.

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One response to “Crazy Week + Failed Family Activity + In the Hospital

  1. Luis

    December 30, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    I’ve always been a monnrig person … until I moved to Portland, OR. I don’t know what it is about living here but haven’t been able to get to sleep early any more. I’m tired, go to bed, read for a little while, turn out the light and just lay there, AWAKE! so I get up and knit or something and end up going to bed later … as a result I wake up later and the whole thing starts over again. I wonder if it’s because I’m getting older and just need less sleep. Don’t mean to complain or anything, it’s just been so strange having been a monnrig person all my life ….


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