Day 4 at CSMC

26 Jul

Warren’s asleep. H is asleep on the couch. Warren’s fever is down to a manageable level of sub-38. It seems the antibiotics is finally kicking in. Although his CBC and Urinalysis results yesterday showed normal levels, doctors were concerned why his fever is still not gone. The infectious disease doctor wanted to increase his antibiotics with Amikacin. Fortunately or unfortunately, Warren had some negative reactions to the skin test so that didn’t push through.

We got a visit today from Dr. Garcia, Pediatrics – Infectious disease. He checked to make sure that there were no other infections causing the fever. Meningitis, negative. E1 (Hand foot mouth disease), negative. Given his slightly enlarged Kidneys, he recommended another outpatient work-up VUGC. VUGC involves putting a dye through Warren’s penis and checking whether the chalk colored substance which is visible with the xray / ultrasound will go up his urether which is the tube that connects the kidney and the bladder. He suspects that Warren might have VUR which is a condition affecting the valve that’s supposed to control the flow back of the urine from the bladder to the urether. If this valve is working, then, the urine shouldn’t go back up. We are hoping that the grade of the problem is just 1 or no more than 3. If it is, then, it should be as simple as waiting for him to outgrow it. Otherwise, a procedure must be done to repair the damaged valve.

We also got a visit from Dra. Tiongson, a nephrologist specialist. The conclusion and course of action is the same, which is to get the VUGC done in 7 – 10 days. We’re really hoping that his valve is functioning well so no procedure will have to be done.

The hair that should have been cut last Sunday


Getting his first blood pressure taken – 100/60


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  1. Mariana

    January 1, 2014 at 5:01 AM

    I always go to bed late too! I find I get so much acehsplimocd by staying up for a few extra hours, and since I’m not a morning person either, getting up early to get things done instead is never an option!


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