My “Blair” Moment: Domain got De-registered

18 Aug

I had a “Blair” moment today. I was so pissed with our web hosting company, Marvin’s Web, that I threatened to call my lawyer to deal with them. I don’t think I’m being over the top on this case. This is the scenario.

They sent us an invoice under 8finity Solutions informing us that we were due for renewal last June 1. We deposited payment on June 27. We’ve been faxing and calling the number they have provided in the invoice but no one seems to be answering.

Today, I decided to Google their website – Marvin’s Web and found a TELEFEAX number. I tried calling their landline and mobile provided but it can’t be reached, not busy, but can’t be reached. Upon reaching their Telefax, I was assisted by a tech support who forwarded my call to a sales person, Lyn. Apparently, our sales contact is no longer with the company.

I was told that our website domain is now put under reservationship since we did not pay 40days after the domain has expired. I calmly explained that in fact we have paid but calls to their numbers were unanswered. It just kept ringing. Lyn said that they transferred offices last June 4 (note: they sent as us an email last June 1). The email notice of transfer did NOT have any phone numbers. We did not receive any new invoiced email indicating a change in location or at least a phone number to contact. She said they did update their BLOG! Who reads a freaking web hosting company blog???!!!??? I told them that since they have been emailing us, shouldn’t they have emailed us their new numbers instead of just assuming that their clients will read their blog? I was still calm at this time.

So I calmly ask what needs to be done to reinstate the our website since it IS our company name. She said we had to pay Php8400! The domain and hosting services was only php1800+! I blew my top off! What?!? PHP8400 for something that we already paid 2 months back and they failed to inform their clients of their new numbers???

Doesn’t the web hosting company have a liability in this? The website is an important element of the business. We trusted that the company will provide us with the service of hosting our site as well as registering our domain. Since we paid on time, shouldn’t they be liable in ensuring that deliver that service? The process of having our domain re-registered again will still take a few more months since it has to be delisted and re-registered. It is currently up for bidding already. The sad part is the website IS our company name and this will definitely cause problems with marketing if we don’t get to re-register them again.

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