Simple Eats: Gustare

26 Sep

I know I know, it’s definitely been a while. I had to recuperate after planning and doing Warren’s party. I thought his party turned out well. Will post pictures soon.

Monday turned out to be a rather busy day, as well. I was asked by my manager to give a talk to the branch. I decided to go for Having Confidence in Selling Investment Products. Quite a tall order for a less than an hour talk. Anyhow, the highlight of the day wasn’t the talk but meeting my brother at Gustare and having a sumptuous lunch at Gustare.

Gustare is a commissary / restaurant owned by Ginny de Guzman who wrote Bake Me a Cake. You may recall that I gave quite a number of these books during Christmas to friends and relatives who love to bake. The dining area of Gustare is small. A long wooden table in the middle serves as a dining area for guests who’d like to dine in. Foods are chosen from their easily accessible freezer. For lunch, I chose their Callos, Steaks and Mushrooms and Arroz Pollo Rice ( recommended by their server). The food were heated and transferred to serving dishes. The Callos and steak and mushroom were fantastic but the rice and the chicken in it were too dry from the re-heating. We capped the lunch with their famous Impossible Cake (moist chocolate cake topped with Leche Flan).






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